There were ten in the bed

4 Nov

Why, you ask? Because you know that it’s just my husband and I. And our two boys. And our two boy dogs. And of course my mom in the guest house. Which makes seven. So how the jump to ten? Well…

The rat the size of my forearm was eight. And the tiny & totally adorable  chocolate brown flop eared mouse that dawdled past my bedside while I was on a teleconference this afternoon was nine. So I can just assume there are more where that came from. At least one more, right? I’m probably underestimating. I should have titled this post “There were greater than or equal to ten in the bed”. But I’m an optimist and math never was my favorite subject so ten it remains.

And if all ten of us do, in fact, end up in my bed tonight then tomorrow I’m going to  invest in a sweet little cage with a wheel and tube maze for our new small friends. Either that or make my real estate agent a very happy man.

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