Big love and thanks…

25 Nov

to iPad and Angry Birds.

to my husband for putting up with a list too long to write here (that might include iPad and Angry Birds).

to my boys for making me laugh every single beautiful day.

to karaoke. Because it’s awesome.

to art and the English language. Because they’re awesome too.

to sleeping in once a month.

to pancake breakfasts.

to bubble bath and toothpaste.

to bugs and dirt.

to Peter Pan, Robinhood and Tarzan.

to Elvis and Frankie for teaching me how to lay around in the sun.

to my friends for teaching me that you can never have enough.

to yoga for teaching me that whatever I am is always enough.

to the ones I love and who love me back, thank-you for making this life so full.

2 Responses to “Big love and thanks…”

  1. Anna November 25, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    Awe such a cute list! Happy Thanksgiving mama!

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