Mountain boogers

4 Dec

We’re spending the weekend in Big Bear. And the second we drive past the 6000 ft altitude marker my hair goes flat, my lips get chapped and all I can think about are my kids mountain boogers.

Yet somehow none of that really seems to matter as much up here as it would down at sea level. For the entire weekend the four of us threw our belongings into one single bag. One bag! We’ve been known to take more on a half day to Disneyland.

But because we come for the double solitaire, snow angels, and hot cocoa, things like heels and flat irons just don’t make the cut. And this may be the only place in the world where this is the case for us. Well, for me really.

The relaxation that happens here is neither vain nor judgmental. Like now, for example. As my husband shovels snow off of the deck and big brother hones his pool skills in the loft, I am left with the luxury of either napping with little bro or (even better!) sipping pumpkin spice tea and uploading photos from this morning’s ski session to Facebook. I could be in pajamas or naked even and no one would be the wiser. Truth be told I’m wearing sweats and no make-up. Yeehaw!

And when I consider that mountain boogers and paradise have come together in blissful coexistence with us this weekend I can’t help but crack a giddy smile. And then break out the humidifier and nasal flush.

(Photo disclaimer: No direction was given to the four year old in this photo. It’s just the magic of the mountain (boogers) coming through. Apparently it’s irresistible.)

2 Responses to “Mountain boogers”

  1. becca December 6, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    Love you guys

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