Bathroom humor: the funniest sort of funnies.

31 Mar

My four year old stuck a bead up his nose at school. The teacher sent it home in a ziploc…that’s not a quote, it’s just funny.

Little brother’s cautious approach to winter playtime:

If you throw snowballs at your butt they will get in your butt crack. So let’s not do that.

Big brother on his obsession with earwax:

I stuck my finger in my ear and it smells yucky and kind of weird. Papa, do you want to smell?

Big bro yet again…and to this I would answer, absolutely son, absolutely…

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had clothes that were pink like your skin and everybody thought you were naked?

Big bro, on life:

Do babies come out of their mommy’s mouths? (FYI, An honest and lengthy explanation from mommy followed this one. No stork included.)

Big bro’s response after little bro injured his left leg in the tub and refused to wash it:

It is going to smell like pigs. Pigs do nothing but make a stink.

Little brother, still in the tub (we spend a lot of time in the there apparently):

I don’t want to wash my stinky tush.

Big brother responds, using his mommy voice:

But then you will say eeeeew for your whole wide life. Now do you want that?

2 Responses to “Bathroom humor: the funniest sort of funnies.”

  1. Kris April 4, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    you had me seriously rolling Anj! loooove this! your boys are HILARIOUS! thanks for the laughs:)

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