Light a candle, save your sanity

14 Nov

My favorite scent is Tuberose. I know this after years and years of olfactory research (See: accosting strangers in coffee shops and airports. See also: lack of attention to personal space). A few years back my Aunt Renee, on a visit to LA from her farm in Tennessee, asked if I owned a candle from Diptyque. No, I did not. In an effort to resolve this apparent malfeasance we ran down to the local Beach City boutiques, and before long had located the holy grail of candles – in my favorite scent, no less.

I have been anxiously monitoring the life of this candle, burning only a few precious millimeters here and there. Until finally, a couple of months ago, I made a pact with myself to light it each and every morning. It’s like wearing your lucky underwear on a weekday. Totally brazen and surprisingly liberating.

So, as I crack eggs in the morning for my boys’ french toast, pack sandwiches and write their lunch notes, pour my coffee and sip it standing at the kitchen counter, I am brought back to the present moment by that tiny glowing light. Each time I sniff or catch sight of it my mind is reminded not to wander too far from the beautiful hour I spend with the kiddos in the kitchen each morning, and I make a point to slow the heck down and set the pace for my day.

Ordinary as it may be, this practice keeps me from throwing eggshells at the walls some mornings and a staples at the computer screen most afternoons. You’ve got to try it. It just may change you.

Here are some of my favorites this season. I bought the Kat Burki for my aunt for Christmas and the Kai tealights for my brother and his girlfriend. As for the Diptyque? Treat yourself, I promise it’s worth it. Then throw on something frilly underneath your pencil skirt and let that baby burn for as long as you damned well please! You can thank me later.

Kat Burki – Signature collection Tuberose candle $38

Kai Twilight Candles – set of 4 tealights $44

Diptyque Paris – Tubereuse $60

One Response to “Light a candle, save your sanity”

  1. Winkee November 14, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    You are toooooo funny. I love how you express your different outlook.

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