She emerges!

27 Mar

I’m back, and whether or not you’re wondering it’s time to learn where the heck I’ve been, and what I plan to do about it. To get through it faster I’m going for list form. There is no reason or logic here. Get used to it, I plan on utilizing more of these tactics from now on.

1) Yes, my last post was January 1st – almost 3 full months ago. In these last 3 months I’ve been busy opening a second business. It’s a ceramics studio and totally kicks ass. I’m exhausted and exhilarated all in the same breath. Check me out on Facebook or visit my KidsArt website to see the proof.

2) I am only writing now because one of my sons is home sick for the 2nd day, and I’m tired of cleaning the house and procrastinating about all the *other* undone schtick around here. This is more fun than being a maid.

3) Other not completely productive things I have done today include avoiding the dishes and laundry room, drinking extravagant amounts of tea, eating snack, researching my next tattoo, birthday shopping, window shopping, scanning but not returning emails, eating snack, reading Coastal Living, browsing Pinterest, and thinking about painting. I also boiled water for my son’s tortellini. File that one under productive.

4) Now for some solutions. To keep from falling into another 3 month lapse I am vowing to learn to type (the proper way), and to not care so much about grammatical errors (a near impossibility for the English major in me, but I’m giving it a shot). I’m enacting a “one proofread per post” policy. Or maybe I’ll just tear right through one of these days WITHOUT a proofread, huh?! Whatcha’ think about that? Okay, no. I’m already sweating. Quick, must proofread to abate fluttering heartbeat.

5) There is one more thing I wasn’t going to say and now I am. On March 5th my dear father in law passed away, and through the incredible outpouring of friendship we’ve made it through so far. We miss him, and this is hard, but we’re getting back to it. Thank-you for all of the flowers, the house smells great and I’m smiling over them every day.

A quick recap. You’ve learned that aside from being busy I also made it through college as an English major without learning to type, I have an irrational fear of the “send” button (think about it, you probably do too), and my husband does the dishes. And the laundry. Happy I got that all off my chest.

Signing off, Boom shakalaka boom boom, people. Talk soon.

2 Responses to “She emerges!”

  1. predela March 27, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    I love you cousin!!! So sad about Ray and the hole that leaves in your family. I know you’ll fill it with loving memories and blessings in his honor. And, yes, PLEASE!, learn how to type so you can continue to fill up these pages with your lovely thoughts 🙂

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