Stuff that happened today

28 Mar

1) I was the bad mom who sent her sick kid to school. Unknowingly. No, really. Yesterday his fever was pretty much gone, then by 11 this morning he was back to hacking all over his classmates. I picked him up, fed him lunch and cookies then and let him watch cartoons all day. That made me a good mom…in his eyes solely, I assure you.

2) I played “Out, damned spot” with little dude’s sweatshirt. Because he had a nosebleed all over it. For similar (self-induced) nosebleed stories, click here. Okay, truthfully I just got the sweatshirt wet and dropped it into the washing machine. That’s how much I hate laundry. Couldn’t even bring myself to pour some soap into the damned thing and push start. And now I’ll probably avoid it, then forget about it, and kiddo will be chastised as the boy with the bloody stain on his sleeve forever more.

3) I sat in pee. This happens about once a week and I never get used to it. Lift the lid boys, puhleeease.

4) I baked four loaves of banana bread for little brother’s school potluck tomorrow. The entire reason I buy bananas is to let them sit around too long, turn brown, and then make bread out of them. Don’t be too impressed, it’s mac and cheese leftovers for dinner.

5) I apparently inhaled my son’s germs, and suddenly have a headache, sore throat, and 100 degree fever to show for it. Days before spring break. Where I’m supposed to be lounging by a pool for a week. Shoot.

I’m going to lay in bed and watch a romantic comedy now.

(A side note to my husband: I noticed that you looked very handsome today. I also noticed that I desperately need a larger Kitchenaid mixer and another copy of You’ve Got Mail. Thanks.)

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