Nude flower arranging, birthdays, and crying in restaurants

11 May

You can stop reading there if you like, because that title completely explains my week. Confused? Maybe some pics will help.

1) Nude flower arranging

Mother’s Day came early for me this week when little dude decided to pick me a boatload of flowers from the front yard in his underwear. Seriously camera worthy. What you don’t see out of frame is the construction crew working on our courtyard patio. Did I mention he was in his underwear? And I thought I had no shame.

2) Birthdays

Today is my oldest son’s 6th birthday and with his party creeping up on me tomorrow I should be decorating cupcakes with graham cracker dirt and gummy worms. Instead I’m sitting in a quiet house with a glass of wine, a candle, and some seriously maternal emotions. It all started last night when I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up until 12:15 paging through baby books and feeling like I could immaculately conceive right on the spot from all the cuteness. Then I went into his room and wished him a happy birthday in his sleep. I was sniveling and it was wonderful.

Here are a couple pics from his birthday celebration at school – which is SO cool by the way. He holds a globe and walks around the sun (aka: a candle) 6 times to represent his 6 years of life while we show the class pictures of him growing up. Then the kids sing happy birthday and he blows out the candle. It’s completely beautiful and gut-wrenchingly emotional. I love this tradition.

Blow out that candle baby! That’s some serious wishing.

3) Crying in restaurants

Back when I said Mother’s Day came early I wasn’t just talking about flowers. After school the boys were crazy excited for me to open the gifts they made in school. Little man’s was a flower pot with his picture, and big brother’s was a tote bag with his hand prints – both my new prized possessions. And since everyone in our household is incapable of secret keeping, big daddy threw his curve ball in the middle of dinner at Ruby’s, the birthday boy’s choice for his ‘special’ dinner. He’s six and easily amused.

After drink orders and before the meal was served hubby said, and I quote, “Something came in the mail today that I think might change your life”. Then he pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket and I about fainted. Wither tears streaming down my face and two gorgeous new gold bands on my finger, I realized that this seriously dreamy and romantic scene had just unfolded in the middle of a 50’s style diner. How completely representational of our lives. And you know what, it was perfect – the four of us smashed in our usual booth (the one that faces the TV so the boys can watch Tom and Jerry reruns) and me with a precious tiny box in my hands and mascara all over my cheeks. Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

Custom white and yellow gold stud rings.


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you super-mamas! I hope your weekend is full of fab surprises. You deserve it 😉

2 Responses to “Nude flower arranging, birthdays, and crying in restaurants”

  1. Aryan May 11, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

    It ‘s awonderful thing to be a mom, now it is my mascara all over my cheeks…..
    Happy Mother’s day to you and all.

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