Sunday Funday

3 Jun

The sun is setting on an idyllic weekend (sigh) and I’m tearing myself away from Pinterest to get some words out into the world. It’s been a busy week, and I seem to have had every excuse to set aside self care (ie: yoga, writing, quiet time) which has left me with a seriously sore neck, over-stimulated brain, and the need for more than one glass of wine tonight.

There is so darned much to do these days, but weekends like this remind me why it’s worth it to work so hard all week. The payoff of poolside BBQs, planting sunflowers, and (proud mommy moment!) teaching our six year old to ride his bike without training wheels is enough to fuel my soul for at least another five workdays. This is what summer is all about, I tell ya. And at the moment I’m feeling awfully lucky for, well, everything.

Especially this ten seconds that the big guy stood still for his obligatory pic with mom.

Which was after these many seconds of practice with papa.

And these two seconds that the little dude turned on cue when I called his name. Gotcha.

And of course these many seconds that the four of us spent in the backyard tilling and fertilizing and planting our sweet sunflower seeds (given to us by our dear friend Chip who shared last year’s bounty…thank-you!). We carved out this bed last year and planted store bought seeds, but I know that these will be truly special because “Uncle Chip” grows the biggest happiest sunflowers we’ve ever seen. I’ll post updates for y’all!

See, now aren’t I feeling better already. Great weekends deserve a little wrap-up, some time to give those hours the reflective gratitude they deserve. If there’s anything you did that was fab please let me know. Maybe we’ll try it next weekend! Until then 😉

2 Responses to “Sunday Funday”

  1. andrewsmeyer June 3, 2012 at 7:25 pm #

    Thanks for writing this – it reminded me to reflect on our wonderful weekend as well. Farmers market meals, fun with friends, and nighttime talks on the porch filled our days. I get caught up looking at the week ahead sometimes – glad you helped me stop and peer at the few days gone by.

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