Buh-bye school year

18 Jun

Eeeeeekkk!!! Welcome summer. I love you. I’ve missed you. You’re always so good to me. Was this school year especially wild, or is that me getting old? Or my kids getting old? Not sure. But here’s what I am sure of.

1. Summer is here. And that makes me happy, if not a bit scattered and hyper. My overuse of punctuation must give me away.

2. It’s Monday, but since it’s the first Monday of summer vacation it doesn’t really feel like Monday at all. I like that.

3. Yesterday was Sunday, and Father’s Day. A doubly good day. Here is what the boys and I made for papa:

4. My kids are in art camp right now which only lasts until 11:30. Which means that I get to spend the afternoon with them running wild. I’m going to wear those little chickens out.

5. I feel the need to make lists of inconsequential facts sometimes. Discordant thoughts when grouped into a numbered list suddenly = coherent. It’s the truth.

6. My husband is getting another tattoo this week. I’m jealous, and might have to crash his party.

7. I  need to get my nails done very very badly. But I need to get this list out of my head more badly so I can move on. (More badly? Can I say that?)

8. I gave hubby his first wheel throwing lesson on Friday. Not only did he enjoy it, he was totally good at it. This is what he made on his first try. Like most things in his life, he makes it look easy.

9. After this I am going to trim the bases of a few bowls I made last Friday while hubby was throwing the above bowl/cup/vessel. Any day on the wheel is a good day.

10. I like lists to have 10 line items. Which either makes me OCD or . . . OCD. Has that become the only option left for me?

Hope you friends are enjoying your entry into summer as much as I am. Time for a 3 month party! xo

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