From chicks to chickens!

3 Jan

Surprise! The girls have grown up. At 4.5 months, these little ladies are pretty much full grown and about ready to start making us omelets. Can’t wait to have you all over for brunch!

Here’s a quick who’s who of our backyard farm. Enjoy!


TOOTSIE the Salmon Favorelle @ 1 daysalmon-faverolle-chicken

Tootsie now! She’s still got 5 toes and a spunky attitude, but aside from that I’m sure you hardly recognize her.


This is the quizzical look that Tootsie gives me as she chases, er, follows me around the yard.salmon-faverolle-eating

And here we have Tootsie looking as noble as I think is possible for her. She’s the only chicken that has flown into the pool. Twice. But I still love her.


PENNY the Buff Orpington @ 1 daybuff-orpington-chicken

Penny the Buff Orpington today! She truly is everything a chicken ought to be.buff-orpington-pecking

Penny is fluffy. Penny is curious. Penny is a leader. Penny is kind.buff-orpington-butt

Penny has the cutest bottom I’ve ever seen.


ROSIE the Easter Egger @ 1 dayeaster-egger-chicken

Rosie the chicken today! Even though she lost most of her mask, I still think Rosie looks a lot like she did the day we got her in the mail.easter-egger-free-range

My husband thinks Rosie looks more like a hawk than a chicken. easter-egger-on-chair

I think Rosie may believe it too because she’s always climbing to the highest vantage point. Silly bird.


ZIPPY the Barred Plymouth Rock @ 1 daybarred-plymouth-rock-chicken

Zippy today! Not much has changed with this little one. She still lives up to her name, scurrying around the yard, causing all the other chickens to flip out. It’s good times. barred-plymouth-rock-free-range

Here she is looking innocent. Don’t trust it for a moment.barred-plymouth-rock-stripes

And here she is looking like your average chicken. It’s a farce.


BELL the Buff Brahma @ 1 daybuff-brahma-chicken

Bell today! Here you can see Bell’s awesome feathered boots. When they are not covered in her sisters’ poop they really are stunning.buff-brahma-cute-face

This is Bell being curious and adorable. Two things she is really good at.buff-brahma-butt

But my really truly favorite thing about Bell is her butt. Can you tell I love chicken butt? Really, I do. Does it take a mother to love a butt like this? I don’t think so. It’s so dumpy. It’s so lumpy. It’s so touchable. Sigh.chicken-flock

Here is the whole group of five just doing what they do best.chicken-in-the-house

And here is Tootsie attempting to breach the human / chicken barrier.


And Bell doing the same thing.chickens-on-the-doormat

And Bell and Rosie giving it another go. See a theme here? These girls just might love us as much as we love them.

And now, for good measure, here’s a bit of canine perspective…


Frankie & Penny @ 1 daychihuahua-and-chickens

Frankie & Penny today. I know the perspective is a bit off in this photo, but that’s because Frankie doesn’t get quite as close as he used to so it’s hard to get a good shot. It’s not that the chickens are bullies, it just only takes one beak to the eye for a dog to learn his lesson. The good news is that the pups won’t be considering chicken for dinner anytime soon. What a model for peace, I tell ya’.

Happy New Year, friends. Wishing you all love.

2 Responses to “From chicks to chickens!”

  1. Janis Byars January 3, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    Stop it! You are killing me… I love your chicken analysis and your narration of their beings. It is so awesome!!

    Adorable Christmas card too!! Miss you, Janis

    Sent from my iPhone

    • FreeTheMom January 4, 2013 at 7:52 am #

      Hahaha, cold hard facts, I tell ya’! Hugs mama 🙂

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