2012’s funniest

5 Jan

When something laughable comes out of my kids’ mouths I try to slow the car down long enough to snag my iPhone, email a reminder to myself, then write it on the family calendar. The hope is that I’ll someday hand it over to this here blog, but that rarely happens, and usually I’m left asking my husband, what was that thing one of the kids once said? So here ya’ go y’all, the year in funnies. The ones I remembered to write down.

Big brother’s thoughts on a friend’s indoor cat:

I feel kind of sad for Snowy because all she gets to do is play with tiny cat toys and poop in the litterbox. It reminds me of Rapunzel.

Little dude, easily impressed:

Mama, I like how shiny your toilet is!

Big bro, pointing to little bro’s junk in the tub:

To a giant, this is like a chocolate chip!

The little man, kissing mommy at bedtime:

I want this head. I want to chop it off and hug it.

Little dude, cautioning a new house guest:

You can’t touch the little dog’s penis or he’ll BITE YOU!!!

Big bro, on farm animals:

I wish cows and sheep could switch so that sheep could make milk and cows could be fluffy.

Little bro, on space travel:

If you find a bug on another planet, that’s an alien. That’s why I want to be an astronaut. But I don’t know how to get up to space and I’m afraid of the dark. So I need you to go with me, mama.

Wishing lots of love, hugs, and funnies to all of you in 2013!

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