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Succulent garden painting: behind the scenes

11 Feb

Did you know I’m a painter? I am. It’s one of the things I love most in the world, despite the fact that I only get to produce a few a year. The last oil painting that I did was commissioned for a friend’s living room, which was being remodeled in a glamorous yet relaxed coastal style. Scrumptious!

succulent-painting Continue reading

A morning in photos

24 May

There is a walk that I take from my kiddo’s school to Terranea and back about once a week. It’s glorious. Every time I’m on the cliffs of the amazing resort I have to pinch myself. It’s like being in some mystic foreign riviera, but it’s right outside our doorstep. I feel spoiled and honored each time I venture out.

This day was no exception and held an overcast glow that just begged to be photographed. I’m no spectacular photographer, but mother nature is one willing and gorgeous subject. If you haven’t been to Terranea I would highly recommend it…just be sure to bring your camera!

Fresh ink!

9 May

Oh happy rebellion, I dunnit again! And call me a masochist, but I love tattooing and all the blood, swelling, and crusty (eew) skin that comes with it. Perhaps the best way to explain is to re-use a quote from the blog I posted a year and a half ago when I got my feather tattoo:

…for me the drive toward self expression is constant (if not incessant). And after self-expressing two children into this world, my need for expression of the rebellious type has increased.

Enter tattooing. The safest and least disruptive way to rebel every – single – day (that little squeak was my heart seizing up with happiness).

See, as a wife and mother and SUV driving gypsy I feel the need to break out every once in a while. Okay, kinda’ all the time. Lucky for me I’ve found a way that’s safe, deeply personal, and *bonus* totally permanent. For those who would judge, trust me, I’m not who I seem to be on the surface. And if you still choose that path, then I challenge you to a spelling bee. For real, this girl knows Latin. Breaking stereotypes left and right I tell ya’… Continue reading

Dog days

16 Apr

I willingly risk contempt by admitting that I have this serious – nearly inhuman – aversion to posting adorable animal pictures online. Myself, I mean. I can smile and laugh heartily all day at other people’s cats batting at lasers and invisible hot air, it’s just I just can’t bring myself to forward or facebook anything pet related. Until now.

See, my dog is ridiculous looking. Just sitting there he’s pathetic enough to be kissed. Behold, “The Tooth”.

What, might you ask, inspired this sudden burst of pet picture posting? Well, I’ll be honest. It was guilt. Guilt over the fact that my beautiful SLR camera and stunning lens are, much to their disdain, forced to reside in the AUTO setting most, well, all of the time. That and I’ve been recently inspired by my amazing photographer friend Alice, and the super informative camera tutorials of one of my faves, Ree Drummond.

Combine inspiration with a little technical know-how and those awww-that’s-cute-wish-I-caught-it-on-camera moments can turn into kinda’ halfway decent snapshots.

And a dog wearing a hat is funny too, yes?

With Elvis as my first (unwilling) test subject I am already on the road to becoming a better version of my earlier snap and shoot self. And since I did take more than a few photography classes in art school forever ago I might as well act like it and take the camera off of the blessed AUTO setting once in a while. Look at those eyes. They’re begging for a close-up.

I would highly recommend picking up your camera – SLR or otherwise – and taking a peek to see if there are any buttons you’ve yet to press. Then consult your trusty user’s manual and see what there is to see. I, surprisingly, recommend taking some pics of your pets. Or your kids. And if you can manage to get them both in the same shot then yay you!

Try it. You’ll like it.

Here’s one more. Elvis says goodbye:

PS. I made dinner AND did the dishes tonight. Had to document it publicly just in case someone ever insinuates I never did anything for him….as out of character as that would be.

Sneak peek Sunday

15 Apr

Set scene: Sunday night, me propped up on comfy pillows in bed – my favorite office – pecking away at a work related e-mail while hubby folds clothes. Then, suddenly and without warning, I find myself aaaaa-lone, abandoned in favor of the big TV in the living room. So, with my husband watching a man flick and me needing human contact, I reach out to you, great void (can’t help the You’ve Got Mail reference…) in the hope of procrastinating work just a few hours longer. Which reminds me of this, a great line that I found on Pinterest recently that basically describes my life:

I love this maybe because the one thing I love more than my work is to procrastinate by doing other work! Confusing? See, I’ve got KidsArt, which is my official ‘work’, and when I’m bored of that I can paint or sculpt or write, all of which can also be categorized as ‘work’ – painting and sculpting falling into the paying kind of ‘work’ and writing falling into the keeps me from going crazy kind of ‘work’.

Until – here comes the sneak peek! – I came up with the most perfect super-exciting-but-why-do-I-always-create-more-work-for-myself idea ever. Welcome into the world,, the blog dedicated to all things art. I am officially launching the site tomorrow, but YOU, dear reader – if you check your e-mail on Sunday nights – are in the know a good 12 hours ahead of schedule. If you find any horrific spelling mistakes or unprofessional slips of tongue please let me know. It’s characteristic of this here site, but *hopefully* not so for the other. Read it over, let me know what you think, and please oh please offer suggestions if you have them. I do hope you like it, and if so then go ahead and subscribe – I promise to make it worth your while 🙂

To wrap it up, what I think this really means is that now I have TWO wonderful ways to avoid the things I’d rather not do. Brilliant, if I do say so myself!