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“Keep the Party Moving”

27 Aug

I feel a little guilty…like we met, I got your number, and I never called. But here’s the thing. I was nervous! And it was totally not you, it was ME. Promise.

Wanna’ know what this is all about? Well now I can finally tell you (and maybe you’ll understand what this post was about…) A show that I filmed back in February called “Keep the Party Moving” just aired tonight on Style Network. It’s a reality TV pilot that follows 4 friends as they compete against one another to throw the best course in a progressive dinner party.

Whaaaaaaa? I know. See, up until now I wasn’t sure I was proud of how it all turned out. I did my best, put my heart into it, and felt more than a little disenfranchised when all was said and done. But you know what, I’m okay. Not great, but okay. Mainly because they called me a “Chicken -Loving, Tattooed Martha Stewart”, to which I say HELL YES PLEASE! That’s about everything I’ve ever hoped to be in this lifetime.

I could launch into a whole monologue about how I felt going into it (freaking awesome), how I felt during (freaking exhausted), and how I felt afterward (freaking floored), but I won’t. Instead, I’m going to tell you that you should watch it for yourself on Style Network this week. It’s airing tonight, tomorrow, three times the next day, twice on Friday…you get the idea. This show is the pilot for a new series, so apparently they’re testing the waters or something. I dunno. TV speak.

Anyway, the point is I was drained and paralyzed by the whole thing. Sadly, it sucked out all of my creative energy, and I had none left for blogging. I did, however, plant a new garden (thanks hubby!) and harvest about a hundred tomatoes since I last posted. So all in all I’m doing great.


Conclusion: I’m back. I just needed to see how this all would flesh out – and you know, I’ve decided it’s going to be okay.

So if you do end up watching the show, give me a shout out and let me know if you agree that my food kicked A$$. Aw shoot, who am I kidding, you know I’m posting those recipes for y’all anyway, baby!

xoxo, huge hugs & smooches,

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Succulent garden painting: behind the scenes

11 Feb

Did you know I’m a painter? I am. It’s one of the things I love most in the world, despite the fact that I only get to produce a few a year. The last oil painting that I did was commissioned for a friend’s living room, which was being remodeled in a glamorous yet relaxed coastal style. Scrumptious!

succulent-painting Continue reading

Chickens who poop get moved to the coop!

21 Sep

We’ve got month old chickens! I have a few things to say about that:

1) They’ve now been living in a bathtub for 4 weeks. With the glow of the heat lamp and their incessant peeping I feel like I’m living in either the red light district or the Green Mile. The novelty of both have worn off, so it’s about time to free the flock.

2) As previously mentioned, bigger chicks make bigger poops. Which they step in. And track all over the brooder (er, bathtub), and no matter how often you replace shavings or pick up after them it’s never enough. Time to take the poop outside, ladies.

3) Bigger chicks also have bigger wings…which they like to flap…with vigor. This plus pine shavings creates a wind tunnel in the tub that shoots pine dust out of the top of the shower and all over the boys’ bathroom. Did I mention I’m seriously allergic to pine? Whose idea were these chickens anyway?! Continue reading

Roasted heirloom tomatoes

25 Aug

My dad and stepmom brought over some beautiful heirloom tomatoes form their garden yesterday, and I was left with the oh-so-glorious problem of what do to with them. I turned to a recipe that I found a few years ago when my mother-in-law ended up with hundreds of ripe tomatoes. At that time I tried canning, making sauces, roasting, you name it. This recipe was my favorite, since these little beauties keep in olive oil for up to 2 weeks in the fridge and are super yummy on salads, sandwiches, pizzas, bruschetta…my fingers.

This recipe is also completely easy. Kind of to the point that it’s not really even a recipe. Make it once and you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading

Reptile Safari Party

13 May

Holy tornado, the weekend is over! Friday was my oldest kiddo’s 6th birthday, Saturday his party, Saturday night the Mother’s Day ceramic workshop at my studio (read more about that here!), and today, of course, was Mother’s Day. I’m breathless and ready for a chick flick and some hot tea. But not before posting pics, of course! Because if not now then never, I tell you.

The one thing I must say is that if you are ever in need of a reptile show in the LA area, you have to check out The Reptile Family. Matt is energetic, patient, and has a beard as formidable as any I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit that my reason for choosing him in the first place was seriously shallow – he’s the only company that brings the animals in cool “safari” looking wicker baskets as opposed to tupperware. AND he wears khaki. Need I say more? Here he is. Don’t you love him already?

Matt really knows his stuff. He’s full of information, and seriously loves his animals. He’s also patient and doesn’t freak out over anything…even if a child drops his 16 year old turtle (yep, that happened). Call him, you’ll love him as much as I do, I’m sure.

And with that, let the wild rumpus begin!

The birthday boy!

Mama made a snake sandwich! Fresh baked french bread beats Subway any day…and those 6 foot subs can be pricey, yo! Home made is the way to be, especially on a budget.

Matt kicks off the fun with ROACHES. For real. It was gross and thinking about it makes me itchy. The look on the birthday boy’s face says it all here.


Next up, froggy friends!

The whole party may have been worth this single picture. And I took over 600, by the way. The looks on the kids faces were just priceless, I couldn’t stop snapping.

The coolest geckos I’ve ever seen.

Making friends with a Chinese Water Dragon.

Up close and personal.

How cool is this! Playing dead? Sleeping? I don’t know, but it’s adorable!

Brothers. And a few skinks.

Chuck Taylor meets turtle. Long lost cousins, I think.

Toddler meets tortoise. Unrelated.

This took a bit of convincing…as you can see…

…but then he warmed up…

…and before long they were ol’ buddies.

Time for dirt-cakes! (Adorable cake toppers, signs, and pennant banner by the Paper Perfectionist)

And a double candle blowout! You’re impressed by techie skills, aren’t you? Don’t be. It was all my hubby who I will now thank for helping me figure this whole gif thing out. You rock.

Happy 6th Birthday buddy! And Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there. I’ve said it before, but my kiddo’s birthdays and Mother’s Day are combined my three favorite days of the year. And yet I’m glad it’s all over. Bed is calling. So with that, Boom Shakalaka Boom Boom, people!