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One week down…and they’re still cute

28 Aug

Happy one week birthday, chickadees! Let’s celebrate with some pics to show how you’ve grown, shall we?

This is Bell. She’s grown taller and secured the reputation as most kid friendly. Which means that she squawks and squirms the least when being held. Good girl, Bell, you’ll go far.

Penny is our biggest chick by far. While she’s still super fluffy, she’s also grown in some fancy flying feathers, which she uses for just that. Like Bell, Penny doesn’t mind being held as much as the other three. Love her for that. Continue reading

Chicks and puppies. So cute I’m pooping rainbows.

22 Aug

Okay, it’s not me pooping rainbows, it’s the chickens. And thanks to them we’ve got rainbows scattered all over this darned house. But they’re cuuuute, so we’ve forgiven them.

Oh, and there are dogs in these pics too. With all this adorable who needs commentary? I’ll totally keep it to captions. Now say hello to Penny.

Penny can really shake a tail feather.

Watch her break it down. Go Penny. Continue reading

Dog days

16 Apr

I willingly risk contempt by admitting that I have this serious – nearly inhuman – aversion to posting adorable animal pictures online. Myself, I mean. I can smile and laugh heartily all day at other people’s cats batting at lasers and invisible hot air, it’s just I just can’t bring myself to forward or facebook anything pet related. Until now.

See, my dog is ridiculous looking. Just sitting there he’s pathetic enough to be kissed. Behold, “The Tooth”.

What, might you ask, inspired this sudden burst of pet picture posting? Well, I’ll be honest. It was guilt. Guilt over the fact that my beautiful SLR camera and stunning lens are, much to their disdain, forced to reside in the AUTO setting most, well, all of the time. That and I’ve been recently inspired by my amazing photographer friend Alice, and the super informative camera tutorials of one of my faves, Ree Drummond.

Combine inspiration with a little technical know-how and those awww-that’s-cute-wish-I-caught-it-on-camera moments can turn into kinda’ halfway decent snapshots.

And a dog wearing a hat is funny too, yes?

With Elvis as my first (unwilling) test subject I am already on the road to becoming a better version of my earlier snap and shoot self. And since I did take more than a few photography classes in art school forever ago I might as well act like it and take the camera off of the blessed AUTO setting once in a while. Look at those eyes. They’re begging for a close-up.

I would highly recommend picking up your camera – SLR or otherwise – and taking a peek to see if there are any buttons you’ve yet to press. Then consult your trusty user’s manual and see what there is to see. I, surprisingly, recommend taking some pics of your pets. Or your kids. And if you can manage to get them both in the same shot then yay you!

Try it. You’ll like it.

Here’s one more. Elvis says goodbye:

PS. I made dinner AND did the dishes tonight. Had to document it publicly just in case someone ever insinuates I never did anything for him….as out of character as that would be.

Elvis loves his new bed to pieces

2 Feb

Set scene: Hubby buys expensive new dog bed. Hubby leaves house for two hours. Hubby comes home to find apologetic dog begging for forgiveness. In the middle of ten thousand bits of statically charged dog bed. Hubby spends the next half hour chasing said bits around the bedroom with a broom and dust pan. Hubby swears never to buy Elvis another bed again.

That’s what you get for buying a pit bull memory foam.