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Roasted heirloom tomatoes

25 Aug

My dad and stepmom brought over some beautiful heirloom tomatoes form their garden yesterday, and I was left with the oh-so-glorious problem of what do to with them. I turned to a recipe that I found a few years ago when my mother-in-law ended up with hundreds of ripe tomatoes. At that time I tried canning, making sauces, roasting, you name it. This recipe was my favorite, since these little beauties keep in olive oil for up to 2 weeks in the fridge and are super yummy on salads, sandwiches, pizzas, bruschetta…my fingers.

This recipe is also completely easy. Kind of to the point that it’s not really even a recipe. Make it once and you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading

A recipe, and the most awesome post script ever (and by awesome I mean horrifying)

26 Jul

I’m cooking and drinking wine, which means that the fire alarm is going off but I don’t give a shit. It’s one of those days that can only be solved by alcohol and a good family meal. Wait, that’s every day. Welcome to my world.

This is me, knife (that look says don’t cross me), and wine. Off camera my longtime BFF The Joy of Cooking. It holds the secrets to our universe, for real.

Sadly this is the only picture I can provide for tonight’s meal. I tried snapping some non-iPhone photos and set the simmering pan of wine on fire. And right before that when I tried shooting the lamb chops browning I set off both fire alarms. Simultaneously. Talent, folks.

Okay, so lemme rewind a sec here and recap the last few weeks thus explaining the need to ingest half a bottle of wine and drown our dinner in the other half. Continue reading

Mama’s gettin’ chickens

30 Jun

It’s Saturday night and I’m researching chickens on the sofa of the Beach House in Hermosa. I could be out at a fabulous dinner or dancing or walking on the beach, but instead I’m grinning at this here computer screen. Because seriously, doesn’t this just make you smile:

Continue reading

Handmade pizza and a missing tooth

20 Jun

Agh, this is a seriously exciting evening in my house! It all started with a pizza dinner. Go figure. There are recipes coming up down yonder, but I’m so darned excited about the Tooth Fairy coming tonight I just gotta’ risk ruining your appetite. Sad for you.

My big six year old has been running around looking like this for the last week.

Eeeeew. I know. I honestly cannot believe that losing teeth is this totally average thing we all go through. So awkward. So uncomfortable. So bloody…yet so exciting. Continue reading

Puppy Party

28 Apr

As you may know little dude turned 4 this month, and today marked the arrival of his long awaited Puppy Party. I am remiss to say that this was his first solo birthday party (mean mommy makes him share with his brother…), but justify it with the knowledge that he won’t remember much of those years anyway. It’s how I live with myself.

With parties growing bigger and better every year in our neighborhood, I asked the little guy with trepidation a couple of months ago what he wanted to do to celebrate. He waffled for a week or two, as four year olds are prone to do, then stated definitively that he wanted a puppy party. And pink cake. So with the help of google I made it happen. When I had envisioned how today would look I dreamed of a throwback to the simpler days. The times when a birthday party meant some kids, some parents, and some cake in the front yard. Bam, done. So that’s what we did. Well, that plus 10 puppies.

On my end the goal was simplicity, and, hallelujah, Idunnit! I even had time to enjoy little dude’s buddies from school and a group of beautifully interesting parents, all wrapped up in one wholesome afternoon. And energy on top of that to share pics the very same day? Miraculous! I may even get to thank-you notes this afternoon…ah who am I kidding. I’m totally napping instead.

Still, this must be the kind of party that bears repeating, maybe even year after year. If he’s lucky.

The cupcakes

The candy

Gorgeous custom cupcake toppers by The Paper Perfectionist!

This makes me smile.

The party

Old fashioned refreshments


Dog chow (aka: coco puffs)

Chew Stix

Hot Dogs


The puppies (look mom, no rabies!)

Mama painted faces. That’s one happy pup.

The Pup-cakes!

Four years old…really, so soon?

Birthday song. My favorite part.

Adopt-a-Puppy station…snuggle. This is the little man in his happy place.

After party swim for the birthday boy.

Somebody put a fork in that kid – he is DONE!

So I have to give credit where credit is due and thank Val Marini, The Paper Perfectionist, for her wonderful cupcake toppers, banners, party favor tags (which went around the adopted puppies necks), and thank-you cards. And apparently my mom knows as well as y’all do that I don’t do dishes…so she did them all for me. Mom, you are really somethin’. Thank-you. And also my bestie who took the kids post-party for a sleepover. Whaaat? And another friend is picking me up tonight to head out to a really loud concert! My favorite kind.

Really, this could be the best day ever. Happy birthday buddy. I love you so crazy much.