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What I didn’t do today

27 Apr

1) Pack lunches or take the kids to school (cue victory cry). In our house Friday is “Papa Day” which means that the kids eat a wholesome breakfast of cinnamon and sugar toast, get themselves dressed in 45 seconds, and have plenty of time left to watch Bubble Guppies before my husband drives them to school. But not before he throws me the snide “Don’t I make this look easy” look. Yes, honey, you do. You and Nick Jr.

2) Shower at the gym. Which proved to be a mistake since my quick dash out for groceries after yoga turned into 2 hours at 3 different stores…and me, the stinky mom in the bread aisle.

3) Go into the office. I admit it – I love working from home! Especially when it allows me to sidetrack and prep for my little dude’s 4th birthday party tomorrow. It’s a Puppy Party. With 10 real live puppies. Really, there’s a company that does that. It could be magical, or a child could end up with rabies. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

4) I didn’t not get a tattoo. That’s a double negative. Which means that I did! I actually got 2, which completes my half sleeve (happy dance!). I got a compass with the boys’ birth flowers behind it, and an anchor with Kevin’s birth flower and a banner that says “steadfast”. I’d post a pic but I’m swollen and in pain, so instead here’s a shot I snapped of the drawing. More pics next week!

Aren’t Fridays the best day not to do stuff! Try it next week. You’ll like it. Happy weekend, friends!

Safer than skydiving

18 Nov

When I get the itch to rebel, I respond swiftly and to the point. The same as when I get a mid-month craving for chocolate chip cookies – mix, bake, scarf. Nip it in the bud and get on with your life.

For some moms the need to break out is resolved with a pedicure here or there, a night out with the she tribe, a little slutty off the shoulder number worn to a PTA meeting. And for others the denouement is a bit more overt – a Valium here or there, a night out with someone else’s husband, a little slutty off the shoulder number slung stage right during a pole dance.

I suppose I’m somewhere in the middle.

For those of you who may not know me personally it will suffice to say that for me the drive toward self expression is constant (if not incessant). And after self-expressing two children into this world, my need for expression of the rebellious type has increased.

Enter tattooing. The safest and least disruptive way to rebel every  –  single  –  day  (that little squeak was my heart seizing up with happiness).

Allow me to offer a self portrait that my husband pointed out might represent life just perfectly at the present moment, where with every small attempt at rebellion comes an equally wholesome and amenable counterpart. ie: my artsy photographic moment is enriched by a streaking two year old.

I’ll take this as proof that little dude and I really are cut from the same cloth.