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Reptile Safari Party

13 May

Holy tornado, the weekend is over! Friday was my oldest kiddo’s 6th birthday, Saturday his party, Saturday night the Mother’s Day ceramic workshop at my studio (read more about that here!), and today, of course, was Mother’s Day. I’m breathless and ready for a chick flick and some hot tea. But not before posting pics, of course! Because if not now then never, I tell you.

The one thing I must say is that if you are ever in need of a reptile show in the LA area, you have to check out The Reptile Family. Matt is energetic, patient, and has a beard as formidable as any I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit that my reason for choosing him in the first place was seriously shallow – he’s the only company that brings the animals in cool “safari” looking wicker baskets as opposed to tupperware. AND he wears khaki. Need I say more? Here he is. Don’t you love him already?

Matt really knows his stuff. He’s full of information, and seriously loves his animals. He’s also patient and doesn’t freak out over anything…even if a child drops his 16 year old turtle (yep, that happened). Call him, you’ll love him as much as I do, I’m sure.

And with that, let the wild rumpus begin!

The birthday boy!

Mama made a snake sandwich! Fresh baked french bread beats Subway any day…and those 6 foot subs can be pricey, yo! Home made is the way to be, especially on a budget.

Matt kicks off the fun with ROACHES. For real. It was gross and thinking about it makes me itchy. The look on the birthday boy’s face says it all here.


Next up, froggy friends!

The whole party may have been worth this single picture. And I took over 600, by the way. The looks on the kids faces were just priceless, I couldn’t stop snapping.

The coolest geckos I’ve ever seen.

Making friends with a Chinese Water Dragon.

Up close and personal.

How cool is this! Playing dead? Sleeping? I don’t know, but it’s adorable!

Brothers. And a few skinks.

Chuck Taylor meets turtle. Long lost cousins, I think.

Toddler meets tortoise. Unrelated.

This took a bit of convincing…as you can see…

…but then he warmed up…

…and before long they were ol’ buddies.

Time for dirt-cakes! (Adorable cake toppers, signs, and pennant banner by the Paper Perfectionist)

And a double candle blowout! You’re impressed by techie skills, aren’t you? Don’t be. It was all my hubby who I will now thank for helping me figure this whole gif thing out. You rock.

Happy 6th Birthday buddy! And Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there. I’ve said it before, but my kiddo’s birthdays and Mother’s Day are combined my three favorite days of the year. And yet I’m glad it’s all over. Bed is calling. So with that, Boom Shakalaka Boom Boom, people!

Nude flower arranging, birthdays, and crying in restaurants

11 May

You can stop reading there if you like, because that title completely explains my week. Confused? Maybe some pics will help.

1) Nude flower arranging

Mother’s Day came early for me this week when little dude decided to pick me a boatload of flowers from the front yard in his underwear. Seriously camera worthy. What you don’t see out of frame is the construction crew working on our courtyard patio. Did I mention he was in his underwear? And I thought I had no shame.

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House of pain

8 Apr

Despite it being Easter and also the last day of Spring Break, today held a few hiccups that beg for release before the week begins. If you think I have a tendency to over-share, stop reading now. There is maybe nothing I won’t say.

I have a UTI. I’ll just put that right out there. It woke me up out of a dead sleep at 5:00 this morning, then every 10 minutes after that until 6:30 when I got my ass out of bed to call urgent care. By 10 am I had antibiotics in hand (note to self: thank husband for consistent willingness to pick up embarrassing prescriptions), and was told that within 24 hours those razor blades inhabiting my girl parts would be a thing of the past. So I spent all day oscillating between the urge to pee my pants and fear of the stabbing pain it would cause my Twinkie (thanks to Becca for loaning me the awesome nickname for my woo-hoo). The doctor said it was probably due to dehydration. Damn you, Palm Desert.

But worse than all that – yup, it gets worse – my little stunt double took his tricks one step too far today and earned himself a bloody face. As my spawn he has the genetic tendency to do exactly the opposite of what he is instructed, so despite the fact that we’ve told his a hundred times before to hold on for Chrissake to the swing handles…he didn’t. Instead he chose “Look mom, no hands!” and backflipped. Onto the concrete. He overshot the pillowy grass beneath him and lay himself out lip first on the driveway. I yelled a curse word and scooped him up, he cried with ice packs on his bloody nose, then we watched 2 Disney movies back to back. Disney makes everything better, FYI. And what’s really the most tragic part of it all is that today was little dude’s last day as a 3 year old. Yup, his 4th birthday is tomorrow, and he will spend it puffed up and breathing through his nose like a stuffy bulldog. Memories. Sweet, sweet memories.

That said, this weekend rocked, and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Happy Birthday little man.