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Dear You

29 Jan

I’m having a serious love burst right now and I’m not afraid to show it. This post is gonna get mushy and I’ll probably refrain from cussing. Now you know.

As you may have seen in my post last night, this weekend was confusing, at best. The family time was invaluable, the kids loved playing in the mountain-rain-that-my-bastard-iPhone-weather-app-said-would-be-snow, and I got plenty of snuggly couch time with all three of my boys.

But I just couldn’t shake that bad-mommy feeling. That question…should I have been more vigilant in protecting my son? So, last night, I told you all about it. I put it out into the world for the singular purpose of getting the heavy load off of my knotted shoulders. And what happened, for me, was exactly the thing I needed to make this all feel OK again. Continue reading

To 10: Reasons spam is funny

29 Nov

Okay, so for some reason the spam on this site is OUTTA control lately. Seems my mom blog is a fave amongst hackers and thieves. You can thank the magical WordPress filters for keeping your eyes from bleeding like mine are after reading all SEVENTY-FOUR of the spam comments I’ve gotten in the last eleven days. Oy.

Good news is, they’re freaking hilarious. And I figured keeping all this funny to myself was just plain selfish. I’ve decided that all spammers can be classified into three definitive categories: 1) those who think I am a genius amongst geniuses (why thank-you), 2) those who play World of Warcraft, and 3) those that are totally perverted but funnier than shit. I mixed ’em all up for ya down below. Let’s play ‘can you categorize the spammer’, shall we?

It sort of feels that you are doing a unique trick. Furthermore, the contents are masterwork. You have performed an excellent activity on this matter! –Carpet Cleaner Bedworth

Dear Carpet Cleaner, you are not the first to notice my “unique tricks” and “masterwork”. My husband and the Headmistress of Hogwarts concur.

Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this! –Elric

My thoughts exactly, Eric. Being a shut in is the noble path.

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everywhere! –Zyah

I’d just like to direct my husband’s attention here. Zyah is wise and all-knowing!

Articles like this really grease the shafts of knowledge. –McCayde

McCayde, you are very clever but I have a feeling it’s past your bedtime.

The genius store called, they’re running out of you. –Chuckles

Bah! Brilliant, Chuckles, just brilliant!

This info is the cat’s pajamas! –Xannon

The bee’s knees, baby!

This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. Lol. –Emmy

Just glad I’m not your mother.

Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gentlemen! –Geri

I lived in England far too long for this to be funny.

Thank God! Someone with brains speaks! –Kayleen

OMG, that’s what I think every time I hear the voices in my head!

This free sharing of information seems too good to be true. Like communism. –Prue

Next project http://www.FreeTheCommunist.com?

Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem solved. –Maralynn

Glad to be of service, Maralynn. And if you don’t mind I think I’ll have to pilfer that quote.

~ And with that, Boom Shakalaka Boom Boom, people. ~