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One week down…and they’re still cute

28 Aug

Happy one week birthday, chickadees! Let’s celebrate with some pics to show how you’ve grown, shall we?

This is Bell. She’s grown taller and secured the reputation as most kid friendly. Which means that she squawks and squirms the least when being held. Good girl, Bell, you’ll go far.

Penny is our biggest chick by far. While she’s still super fluffy, she’s also grown in some fancy flying feathers, which she uses for just that. Like Bell, Penny doesn’t mind being held as much as the other three. Love her for that. Continue reading

Chicks and puppies. So cute I’m pooping rainbows.

22 Aug

Okay, it’s not me pooping rainbows, it’s the chickens. And thanks to them we’ve got rainbows scattered all over this darned house. But they’re cuuuute, so we’ve forgiven them.

Oh, and there are dogs in these pics too. With all this adorable who needs commentary? I’ll totally keep it to captions. Now say hello to Penny.

Penny can really shake a tail feather.

Watch her break it down. Go Penny. Continue reading

Mama’s gettin’ chickens

30 Jun

It’s Saturday night and I’m researching chickens on the sofa of the Beach House in Hermosa. I could be out at a fabulous dinner or dancing or walking on the beach, but instead I’m grinning at this here computer screen. Because seriously, doesn’t this just make you smile:

Continue reading