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This is a story about poop.

28 Jan

Um, yeah, so this is a story about poop. If you’re squeamish you should Skype me so I can laugh at you while you read this. Barf, sorry, that was even a little gross for me.

It all started after my last post on Friday night- I should have expected some blow-back after birthing all that rollicking hilarity into the world. You know, tit for tat, no good deed goes unpunished? Whatever.

As I was saying…it all started when we arrived at the cabin. Continue reading

Pyrotechnic olympics and the ER

9 Jul

These two things totally sound related, and I’m sure they often are, but not here. Not today. Ironically I experienced both of these events separately last week, and I still haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing.

The 4th of July rocked. This was our view:

A nice lady told us that’s a blue heron there on the dock. It’s way taller than it looks here. I think my husband may have said it was bigger then me, or could take me a fight, or could eat me, or something like that. I disagree. I could snap those spindly legs in a flash. Continue reading