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Top 10: (last minute) Valentine’s Day gifts

14 Feb

Ladies, we can be forgetful spontaneous too, am I right? Here are some jazzy ideas for those of you who need a gift that’s a game changer, and also the kind you can get your hands on within the next five minutes. Boyfriend on his way over? Husband in the next room with a blindfold on? It’s like I’m talking only to you right now. Here are 10 winners.


1) E-mail a naked photo. This one’s great and super versatile. Snap a boobie pic with your phone in the grocery store bathroom or from the webcam in your cubicle. Be sure to send it to his work e-mail with a cryptic subject line like, “Skunks in the barnyard”, or “Grab the defibrillator”. HR will never suspect a thing with a quirky cover-up like that.

2) Get it written in ink. Nothing says true love like your new boyfriend’s name across your chest. No time to dash out to the tattoo shop? Go with Sharpie and an IOU. He’ll appreciate the opportunity to accompany you this weekend and most likely be grateful for the chance to reciprocate with your initials on his ring finger. Most guys are sentimental like that. Continue reading

Nude flower arranging, birthdays, and crying in restaurants

11 May

You can stop reading there if you like, because that title completely explains my week. Confused? Maybe some pics will help.

1) Nude flower arranging

Mother’s Day came early for me this week when little dude decided to pick me a boatload of flowers from the front yard in his underwear. Seriously camera worthy. What you don’t see out of frame is the construction crew working on our courtyard patio. Did I mention he was in his underwear? And I thought I had no shame.

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