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The year in funnies

18 May

2012 is upon us! Oh right, it’s almost halfway over. And the only thing missing…funnies! Here are some of my faves from the year so far. Don’t they just say the darndest things?!

Big bro expressing his feelings:

When I cry my brain hurts. Like as much as a zombie chewing it.

Little dude, clapping to Justin Bieber in the car:

I feel like I’m growing up into a grown-up when I do that!

On the day that big bro had a field trip to the Planetarium little dude puts binoculars around his neck and says they are:

To help me see brother when he goes into space.

Wise words from a three year old (tissue time):

Mommy, remember even when I die I’m going to love you. For my whole entire life. For a whole entire week.

From the inter-web savvy five year old:

The 5 year old: Mommy, can I be a mommy for Halloween?

The Mom: Yes, and how would you do that?

The 5 year old: CostumeExpress.com!

Little bro, on the hummingbird in the backyard:

He flew away to find other flowers to hum!

Little man, on being under the weather:

I think I know why I got a little something. I drank a little jacuzzi water and that has caffeine.

Big bro, party planning:

Kiddo: Can a baby Orca fit in our pool?

Mom: No.

Kiddo: OK, then my next birthday is going to have small whales. Like narwhals!