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Dear You

29 Jan

I’m having a serious love burst right now and I’m not afraid to show it. This post is gonna get mushy and I’ll probably refrain from cussing. Now you know.

As you may have seen in my post last night, this weekend was confusing, at best. The family time was invaluable, the kids loved playing in the mountain-rain-that-my-bastard-iPhone-weather-app-said-would-be-snow, and I got plenty of snuggly couch time with all three of my boys.

But I just couldn’t shake that bad-mommy feeling. That question…should I have been more vigilant in protecting my son? So, last night, I told you all about it. I put it out into the world for the singular purpose of getting the heavy load off of my knotted shoulders. And what happened, for me, was exactly the thing I needed to make this all feel OK again. Continue reading