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Fresh ink!

9 May

Oh happy rebellion, I dunnit again! And call me a masochist, but I love tattooing and all the blood, swelling, and crusty (eew) skin that comes with it. Perhaps the best way to explain is to re-use a quote from the blog I posted a year and a half ago when I got my feather tattoo:

…for me the drive toward self expression is constant (if not incessant). And after self-expressing two children into this world, my need for expression of the rebellious type has increased.

Enter tattooing. The safest and least disruptive way to rebel every – single – day (that little squeak was my heart seizing up with happiness).

See, as a wife and mother and SUV driving gypsy I feel the need to break out every once in a while. Okay, kinda’ all the time. Lucky for me I’ve found a way that’s safe, deeply personal, and *bonus* totally permanent. For those who would judge, trust me, I’m not who I seem to be on the surface. And if you still choose that path, then I challenge you to a spelling bee. For real, this girl knows Latin. Breaking stereotypes left and right I tell ya’… Continue reading